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FNet communication

FNet is an iSYSTEM proprietary bus system and communication protocol that provides fast communication between devices connected to the same network and enables:

  • Fast communication between MCU and BlueBox
  • Network analysis
  • Synchronous debug and trace of multiple MCUs
  • Correlation of MCU events with network events.



This chapter will show you how to:



FNet communication network

iSYSTEM FNet communication network consists of devices, that are connected to FNet nodes with iSYSTEM FNet cable.





Active Probes enable fast communication between MCU and the iC5700:


Network analyzers, add-on modules (AOMs) that capture network data:


hmtoggle_arrow0 FNet communication is supported on iC5700 only.
hmtoggle_arrow0 Each iC5700 features 1 FNet port, which allows connection of 1 FNet device.
hmtoggle_arrow0 IOM6 Hub extends the iC5700 with 3 additional FNet ports and a FBridge port.
hmtoggle_arrow0 FBridge port connects to another IOM6 Hub on a second iC5700 for synchronous debug and trace.

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