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FNet communication

FNet is an BlueBox proprietary bus system and communication protocol that provides fast communication between devices connected to the same network and enables:

Fast communication between MCU and BlueBox

Network analysis

Synchronous debug and trace of multiple MCUs

Correlation of MCU events with network events.



This chapter will show you how to:

Configure the ADIO or CAN/LIN

Configure counters, triggers and events

Inject a CAN message

Provide SPI protocol description



FNet communication network

FNet communication network consists of devices, that are connected to FNet nodes with FNet cable.




Active Probes enable fast communication between MCU and the iC5700:

oInfineon DAP/DAPE connects to the DAP debug and DAPE trace interface

oInfineon AGBT connects to the Aurora GigaBit Trace (AGBT) interface

oARM HSSTP connects to ARM High-Speed Trace Port (HSSTP)


Network analyzers, add-on modules (AOMs) that capture network data:

oADIO, analog/digital/SPI analyzer



hmtoggle_arrow0 FNet communication is supported on iC5700 only.
hmtoggle_arrow0 Each iC5700 features 1 FNet port, which allows connection of 1 FNet device.
hmtoggle_arrow0 IOM6 Hub extends the iC5700 with 3 additional FNet ports and a FBridge port.
hmtoggle_arrow0 FBridge port connects to another IOM6 Hub on a second iC5700 for synchronous debug and trace.

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