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winIDEA Help

Version: 9.21.161

Infineon DAP miniWiggler

This document describes the use of Infineon DAS Wiggler within iSYSTEM winIDEA software development and test platform. Infineon DAP miniWiggler can be used directly within winIDEA in order to allow direct programming and debug control of AURIX devices. Read more on iSYSTEM web page...



Supported IDEs and Licensing

The tool is free to use only if used by AURIX development studio.



Supported debugger

winIDEA offers support for Infineon DAP miniWigglers embedded on Infineon evaluation boards.



Standalone DAP miniWiggler is not supported.


For more information on DAP miniWiggler please visit



Supported CPUs

  • AURIX (TC2xx, TC3xx and TC4xx)




  • DAP debug interface
  • Basic debug control (Reset, Stop, Break Points, Run,…)
  • FLASH programming



Using Infineon DAP miniWiggler with winIDEA



Installing DAS Tool Interface.

To use the Infineon DAP miniWiggler in conjunction with winIDEA, the Infineon DAS Tool Interface needs to be installed. Install the software from the Infineon website (visit




Selecting the Infineon DAS Wiggler hardware.

You can select the hardware after creating new project (workspace).


1. Open Hardware / Debugger Hardware.


2. In the Hardware Type tab, select Infineon DAP miniWiggler from the drop down list.




Connecting to the Infineon DAP miniWiggler.

The Infineon DAP miniWiggler is connected via USB to the host PC running winIDEA development and test environment.




Establishing debug session

Connection between winIDEA and Infineon DAP miniWiggler is established automatically when Debug / Download or Debug / Reset command is issued. Please refer to the debug chapter to learn more about debugging with winIDEA.

Open Debug / Configure Session, select SoCs page to choose which MCU would you like to connect to.


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