Many of iSYSTEM's unique software capabilities are only possible through the robust, precision hardware that interfaces to the target microcontroller.

Instantly recognizable by its color, the BlueBox technology sitting on the desks of development engineers around the world has been a key factor in resolving seemingly impossible execution time challenges or proving the safety of safety-critical applications.

The last decade has seen a steady increase in multi-core and multi-processor, system-on-chip (SoC) processing platforms, with the pace of integration being especially pronounced in the automotive industry. With the iC7 and iC5700/FNet platform concept and its corresponding components, iSYSTEM recognizes this trend and its importance. The iC7max and iC5700 BlueBox feature a new, high-performance, internal data bus named FNet. FNet is an iSYSTEM proprietary bus system and communication protocol. It has been developed to analyze complex systems by connecting and synchronizing one or several iSYSTEM debuggers and their add-on modules.

Debug and traceOn-Chip Analyzers

Our premium-range of BlueBox hardware supports many different microcontrollers, microprocessor and SoC devices, varied debug and trace interfaces; and collect the status of digital and analog signals synchronous to code execution.

High-speed insightsActive Probes

New debug and trace technologies need new, high-speed probes - here lies the future of embedded systems insights.

Connect to the targetDebug Adapters

Sometimes the trace data is only available with specialized silicon. Other times, a special connector is needed to connect to your development board. Whatever the need, we’ve got you covered.

Connect to the targetSpecial Adapters

Special Adapters allow connecting the iC5700 BlueBox to an embedded hardware being outside of the ordinary.

advanced insightsAnalog/Digital and Network Trace

iSYSTEM’s tools go beyond pure debugging by integrating digital, analog and serial bus data into the captured trace stream.

Connect to the targetEmulation Adapters

Featuring special “emulation” silicon and the necessary debug & trace connector, these adapters insert into the location of your chosen microcontroller directly onto your target board.

Evaluate and developEvaluation boards

Evaluate your target before using it for your project or start developing your target application, while the final hardware is still in the design stage, on iSYSTEM evaluation & development systems.