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Version: 9.21.253

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winIDEA supports synchronization of multiple cores in a single CPU or synchronized operation of multiple microcontrollers.



Multi-core synchronization

Multi-core synchronization allows you to run and stop multiple cores at the same time, or in some cases offer further customization options.

The implementation of the multi-core synchronization depends on the microcontroller architecture, so please refer to the technical note for the corresponding microcontroller family:

ARM Cortex

NXP/ST Power Architecture

Infineon TriCore

Renesas RH850



Multi SoC (MCU) synchronization

winIDEA also supports synchronized operation of multiple microcontrollers:


oWorks with all supported hardware

oDelays in range of milliseconds


FBridge synchronization (FNet synchronization between two iC5700 units)


2 iC5700s with IOM6 Hub and FBridge synchronization port

2 Active Probes

oDelays in range of microseconds

oCurrently only supported for TriCore

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