Advanced Timing Analysis

It is often the case with exceptionally complex applications, such as AUTOSAR or RTOS-based, safety critical, multi-core microcontroller automotive systems, that advanced analysis techniques are required to prove functional safety. AUTOSAR applications can be especially challenging, which is why iSYSTEM provides hardware and software that delivers insights that can be imported into 3rd party tools for timing analysis.

Proving that an automotive application can fulfil the specified task on-time, every time, is an enormous challenge. Finding the bottle-necks caused by poor choice in priority of tasks or CAN messages can be made easier by importing real trace data into industry standard tools, the type of data that winIDEA provides. Together with our partners, iSYSTEM has committed to the Best Trace Format (BTF), enabling real application interactions to be imported to advanced timing analysis tools.




chronSIM INCHRON Making the impossible possible, chronSIM enables the design, visualization, quality testing and analysis of embedded applications.
GASPRA™ avelabs The tool chain providing more insight information about your software behaviour, including AUTOSAR timing analysis (ARTiA).
SymTA/S Luxoft A model-based solution for timing design, performance optimization and timing verification for safety-critical real-time systems.
TimeWeaver AbsInt AbsInt provides advanced development tools for validation, verification and certification of safety-critical software for the automotive market and other industries. TimeWeaver computes worst-case execution time estimates from instruction-level traces provided by iSYSTEM On-Chip Analyzers without the need of knowing the longest path in advance by combining static path analysis with timing measurements from the real hardware.
Vector Informatik TA Inspector Vector Informatik (Timing Architects) For developers seeking to verify target systems behaviour, Vector tools allow the examination of timing and resource consumption against timing requirements.


If you require further help to understand how iSYSTEM's software and BlueBox On-Chip Analyzers can be used in combination with these 3rd party applications, why not get in touch using the contact link on the right.