It is often the case with exceptionally complex applications, such as AUTOSAR or RTOS-based, safety critical, multi-core microcontroller automotive systems, that advanced analysis techniques are required to prove functional safety. AUTOSAR applications can be especially challenging, which is why iSYSTEM provides hardware and software that delivers insights of such complex systems. And for more classical RTOS applications, winIDEA's plug-ins make it possible to visualise tasks easily for a fast overview of what is really going on.

If you have a specific embedded development challenge and are unsure if the iSYSTEM ecosystem can support it, feel free to get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss your exact needs to see if and where we can help.

Automation toolContinuous Integration

Automated builds and tests have become an integral part of modern software development. Continuous Integration is also becoming more and more popular in the embedded field.

profile autosarProfiler Packages

Profiler Packages enable you to evaluate the capabilities of the winIDEA Analyzer in less than seven minutes. We provide a couple of Profiler Packages for different AUTOSAR Operating Systems and Architectures.

advanced analysis techniquesTiming Analysis

AUTOSAR applications can be especially challenging, which is why iSYSTEM provides hardware and software that delivers timing insights of such applications.

Virtual Development KitSynopsys VDK

Increasing complexity of embedded software in general, time-to-market and the early setup of a test automation justify the use of such virtual hardware also called Virtual Target or Virtual Prototype.


AUTOSAR applications can be especially challenging, which is why iSYSTEM provides hardware and software that delivers insights of an AUTOSAR system.

AURIX™ TC2xx, TC3xx, TC4xxDAP over CAN

A smart and simple way to access, flash and debug highly integrated ECUs.

Trace tool chainTiming Bundle

The new Vector-iSYSTEM Timing Bundle contains a step by step guideline to integrate scheduling tracing across the whole tool chain.

kernel awarnessRTOS / Hypervisor

To provide further insights into the state of real-time operating systems (RTOS), winIDEA provides a range of plug-ins.


Implementation of the ASAM standard AE MCD-1 XCP SW-Debug in winIDEA as an add-on.

Further tool support3rd Party Debug Hardware Support

iSYSTEM supports a wide range of 3rd party debug tools found commonly on development boards.

If you require further help to understand how iSYSTEM's software and BlueBox On-Chip Analyzers can be used in combination with these 3rd party tools, why not get in touch using the contact link on the right.