Getting started with winIDEA and BlueBox

These tutorials introduce our winIDEA integrated development environment together with our BlueBox technology, focus on the basics and follows the recommended learning sequence of our field application engineers with many years of training experience.


Get to know the development process with BlueBox tools.

Unit 1

Connect and configure your BlueBox to the development PC and target system and establish connection.


Create a new workspace or select a pre-configured Example workspace.


Configure general CPU settings for ARM Cortex, Infineon TriCore, NXP/ST Power Architecture or RH850 Renesas.

Unit 2

Download the code to your Target and control its execution by using Run Control commands and step through the code.


Discover various breakpoints types and set a conditional breakpoint on a Xth pass.

Unit 3

Find a specific register, display detailed information and edit its value. Create and share a custom SFR Window.


Watch the content of variables and detect changes. Visualize data contents and modify format types.


Display and manage memory content from a specific address, modify memory contents and track the changes.

Unit 4

Find out if you have an Internal or External Watchdog issue and resolve it.