Getting started with winIDEA and BlueBox technology

This tutorial introduces our winIDEA integrated development environment together with our BlueBox technology. It focuses on the basics and follows the recommended learning sequence of our field application engineers with many years of training experience.

Intro – install the winIDEA IDE,
Unit 1 - select a prepared winIDEA Example workspace or create a new workspace and a download file
Unit 2 - connect and configure the BlueBox and target system,
Unit 3 - start debugging and manage breakpoints,
Unit 4 - navigate within different debug windows,

We distribute more than 100 Example workspaces designed to work with many CPU families we support. Using such a pre-configured workspace will get you started quickly and smoothly.


Get to know the development process with iSYSTEM tools and install winIDEA IDE.

Unit 1

Get to know winIDEA IDE, install and select a pre-configured Example workspace.


Create a new workspace for a single-core application, select your device and add a symbol file (and a program file).

Unit 2


12 min

Connect and configure your BlueBox to the development PC and target system and establish connection.


Configure general CPU settings and execute CPU Reset.

Unit 3
Download the code to your Target and control its execution by using Run Control commands and step through the code.
Discover and manage various breakpoints types.
Unit 4
Navigate within the Callstack Window, retrace program execution and monitor Stack usage.
Execute and step through assembler instructions; display and modify the content of registers.
Watch the content of variables and detect changes. Visualize data contents and modify format types.
Display and manage memory content from a specific address, modify memory contents and track the changes.
Find a specific register, display detailed information and edit its value. Create and share a custom SFR Window.


6 min

Navigate through various types of symbols and locate Project Files Directories.