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iSYSTEM was founded in 1986 and is a privately owned company with headquarters in Schwabhausen near Munich and subsidiaries in Slovenia and the USA. With a team of over 80 employees with many years of experience in the field of embedded software and hardware development as well as software testing.

We are a manufacturer of software development and test tools for embedded software and assist our customers in solving daily challenges in these areas. The product spectrum ranges from simple debuggers to extensive software analysis tools.

Our products enable quick and easy access to the heart of an electronic control system, the so-called microcontroller or processor, and the evaluation of the embedded software running on it. Software developers can use iSYSTEM tools to prove that software behaves according to the original specification. Software errors can be detected and corrected, the runtime behavior is measured and analyzed, the provision of evidence for compliance with security standards is performable, the flexible integration into automated development and test processes, such as Continuous Integration, can be implemented.

Our customers worldwide and from different industries place great value on functional safety and the highest software quality.

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