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Founded in 1986 and privately held, iSYSTEM prides itself on the wealth of experience it can offer its customers. Headquartered in Schwabhausen, Germany, close to Munich, with subsidiaries in Slovenia and the USA, iSYSTEM’s team of affable staff deliver their customers independent advice to their embedded software development challenges, focusing on solutions that best meet the customer’s challenge.

Specialized in the automotive industry, and any other sector where its customers place value on functional safety or the highest level of software quality, iSYSTEM’s customers can bring to market embedded systems that save lives or ensure that lives are not put unnecessary in danger. Known for its BlueBox technology, this familiar tool is to be found on the desks of embedded development engineers across the world.

The BlueBox hardware, together with our winIDEA Integrated Development Environment (IDE), allows fast and simple access to all kinds of single and multi-core microcontroller via the many varying forms of debug interfaces. This software can be developed and tested directly on the real hardware without the need to resort to code instrumentation.

By working with expert partners around the world, iSYSTEM supports its customer base in countries and regions that cannot be supported in person by its own team. Technical support, however, is provided directly by our very disciplined team of engineers, handling topics from usage, configuration and even repairs when required.

iSYSTEM has stayed ahead of the technology curve, delivering solutions to 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit microcontrollers as these became available, as well as developing support for multi-core devices. Our latest technology accommodates the move to SoCs, multi-processor debugging and timing analysis across several different  systems connected via a serial bus. Coming up with astute, bold solutions to tomorrow’s challenges ensures that our customers will continue to have a reliable partner in embedded software development for years to come.

iSYSTEM has implemented and maintains a management system which meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Regardless of the stage of development of your application, whether you need tools to debug your embedded system or create test reports for it, please feel free to get in touch at any time.