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Distributors in Asia

Having a local contact or partner delivers peace of mind, which is why iSYSTEM has carefully cultivated relationships with distributors in key areas of the world. For our customers it means there is someone available in the same time zone, speaking the same language, competent in the use of our BlueBox technology and software.

If you are based in European or American continents and cannot find a suitable contact here, simply get in touch with us directly and we will help you further.

China & Hong Kong

Flash Technology

If you are based in China, please contact:

Flash Technology Trading

Tel: +86 21 6145 7130



If you are based in Hong Kong, Flash Technology is available here:

Tel: +85 2 2310 9662



Trident Infosol

Trident Infosol Pvt. Ltd.

Tel: +91 (80) 42 87 87 87