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Our Partners

Embedded systems are, by their very nature, a complex interaction of software and hardware. As such, no single tool or software application can always cover the very diverse needs of a development team during the complex, and often long, design and development process. To support our customers in such a case, we work closely with a variety of partners to ensure that the data our tools do provide can be utilized to provide the insights embedded developers need.

Software Partners

Whether it is a programming language and its compiler, or an operating system and its ecosystem, iSYSTEM's close cooperation benefits the embedded development community as a whole. Below you will find the software partners we work with most closely to ensure that you can spend your time debugging the application and not the tools.

Partner Notes
AbsInt AbsInt provides advanced development tools for validation, verification and certification of safety-critical software for the automotive market and other industries. TimeWeaver computes worst-case execution time estimates from instruction-level traces provided by iSYSTEM On-Chip Analyzers without the need of knowing the longest path in advance by combining static path analysis with timing measurements from the real hardware.
AdaCore With their focus on supporting developers to build safe, secure and reliable software, AdaCore is closely aligned with iSYSTEM's view of embedded system's development. Utilizing the extremely strong typing, explicit concurrency and support for design-by-contract, winIDEA is able to support developers choosing Ada as their programming language of choice.
Avelabs Since its inception in 2012, Avelabs has become a certified partner of AUTOSAR, leading them to work with a multitude of vehicle manufacturers. Their Gaspra™ software analysis tool chain utilizes the profiling capabilities of iSYSTEM's BlueBox technology to help their customers optimize and improve multi-core automotive applications.
Elektrobit An award-winning global supplier of embedded solutions for the automotive industry, iSYSTEM has long supported customers utilizing the EB tresos AUTOSAR solution. An independent subsidiary of Continental AG, their solutions have been used in everything from the HMI and navigation to driver assistance and car infrastructure applications.
ETAS With their focus on driving embedded excellence, ETAS provides various software solutions for automotive applications within their family of RTA Software Products. iSYSTEM has included support for their RTA-BSW and RTA-OS, enabling developers to get started quickly when it comes to advanced profiling. Similar support has also been shown in conjunction with their RTA-HVR hypervisor solution.
Green Hills Software As the largest independent provider of embedded software, they gain their user's trust with their respected compiler and RTOS solutions. Present in automotive, aerospace, industrial and medical applications, iSYSTEM is always happy to support customers that have invested in their ecosystem.
HighTec EDV-Systeme iSYSTEM tools seemlessly integrate HighTec's C/C++ multi-architecture and multi-core compiler suite with leading optimization technology.
INCHRON Passionate about embedded systems and how they can improve our daily lives, INCHRON's tool suite helps to visualize, simulate and optimize complex applications. iSYSTEM's BlueBox technology is leveraged to acquire data from real hardware which is then optimized with tools such as chronOPT.
Kernkonzept Known for their open-source L4Re operating system and hypervisor, Kernkonzept is seen as an essential element in secure and safety-critical, virtualization-enabled embedded applications. Based upon a microkernel developed at the TU Dresden, iSYSTEM provides the deep insights required through its BlueBox technology to L4Re users.
Luxoft Timing constraints in AUTOSAR applications are one of the automotive industry's key challenges currently. The family of SymptaVision tools from Luxoft utilize real-world data acquired from embedded targets, collected through iSYSTEM's BlueBox hardware, in order to enable customers to ensure that correct timing can be achieved.
OpenSynergy Specializing in embedded automotive software with a focus on human-machine interfaces (HMI) for car cockpits, OpenSynergy's COQOS SDK and Blue SDK Bluetooth™ stack enable the convergence of the instrument cluster, head unit, driver assistance and connectivity systems. iSYSTEM supports development with teh COQOS Hypervisor in some of the most technically demanding multi-core applications in the automotive field.
QNX Software Systems iSYSTEM tools now implement kernel awareness for QNX Neutrino uKernel for ARM Architectures.
Razorcat iSYSTEM tools integrate with Razorcat TESSY. TESSY automates the whole unit test cycle including regression testing for embedded software in C/C++ on different target systems. iSYSTEM Blueboxes connect the test execution to the target.
SYSGO iSYSTEM provides pikeOS RTOS and pikeOS Hypervisor awareness that is used in safety and security critical applications in various markets. SYSGO has been supplying the hypervisor and RTOS PikeOS since 2005 on single and multicore processors.
Vector Informatik Known for their exceptional hardware, especially CAN-based tools for automotive application development, and with their software tools for embedded multi-core timing (TA Tool Suite) and  embedded software testing (VectorCAST), iSYSTEM has worked closely both with Vector and their customers over the years. We even supplied the integrated debug tool for the VC121-12 Vector Controller ECU and connectivity to Vector CANoe, vTESTstudio, VectorCAST and TA Tool Suite connects to iSYSTEM.
iSYSTEM offers various concepts for an in-depth analysis on Vector MICROSAR-based applications. OS scheduling analysis can be accomplished in various ways, ranging from standard-ORTI, Task-State profiling to more advanced tracing capabilities utilizing dedicated Trace Instrumentation Hooks of the Vector AUTOSAR stack (so-called “Timing Hooks”)

Service Partners

Sometimes, when internal resources are limited, or skill sets need to be built up, we turn to our service partners. Offering everything from consultancy on testings and product approval to training and training development, we see the benefits that our customers receive from these valued colleagues every day.

            Partner             Notes
Eclipseina Driven to deliver outstanding training focused on the needs of embedded software developers, the team at Eclipseina has been instrumental in bringing our online training packages to fruition. Additionally they provide consultancy services in the field of automotive development and supply a fixed-point math library targeted at embedded developers.
MicroConsult MicroConsult has been our business partner for many years, supporting embedded developers and managers with top-quality training and consulting services as well as professional technology conventions. With their motto of "Quality Secures Success", is a consultancy partner with goals closely matching those of iSYSTEM. With close collaboration on various automotive projects, as well as joint seminars on the benefits of testing early in the development process and utilizing Model-Based Testing approaches, we are able to show how to integrate iSYSTEM's tools into such trusted test strategies.

Semiconductor Partners

With a typical microcontroller datasheet running to over 1000 pages, tight partnerships with semiconductor vendors is a must. iSYSTEM works closely with these partners to ensure that embedded development teams experience a frictionless journey into debugging and testing of their applications.

            Partner             Notes
ARM® The importance of ARM's technology in the world of embedded systems can be seen everywhere. From the smallest, low-power microcontroller to connectivity-laden multi-core SoCs, iSYSTEM's customer are increasingly leveraging this ubiquitous technology in all application spaces.
Cypress Semiconductor Known in the industry for the flexible PSoC® microcontrollers, Cypress is also leveraging the processing power of the Cortex®-M ecosystem. iSYSTEM also often sees the Traveo™ II family of automotive microcontrollers in vehicle body applications.
Infineon Delivering outstanding processors for safety-critical applications, Infineon's TriCore™-based AURIX™ microcontrollers find homes in a wide range of automotive and industrial applications. Additionally, their Cortex®-M XMC4000 and XMC1000 products target industrial applications with real-time performance challenges, such as motor control, automation and switching power-supplies.
NXP With one of the broadest microcontroller and processor portfolios on offer today, NXP can fulfil just about any embedded developer's technical needs. S32 MCUs and MPUs for automotive and industrial applications provide an architecture that balance performance and power efficiency. They are designed to address current and future connectivity security and safety challenges.Their Cortex®-M devices in the Kinetis and LPC families cover the low to mid-range needs, whilst the i.MX Applications Processors deliver heaps of processing performance.
Renesas The portfolio of Renesas covers just about every conceivable automotive application, from microcontrollers and SoCs, to motor control and in-vehicle networking. Well known for the RL78, RH850 and R-Car devices, they are to be found across the industry. Also leveraging the power Cortex®-M processors is their Synergy™ platform, featuring a wealth of embedded software that simplifies embedded application development.
ST Microelectronics From ultra-low power to high performance, ST has made use of the strengths of each Cortex®-M processing architecture on offer. Additionally, they are well-known industry wide for their family of Power Architecture® SPC56 device in embedded automotive applications.
AMD When applications require huge processing performance with configurable IP, the AMDfamily of Zynq SoC is often at the top of the list. Their multi-core devices are handled through the multi-core support within winIDEA, giving developers the piece of mind they need, leaving more time to focus on the application.

Should you have questions on how we cooperate with our partners, how certain software and hardware tools can be combined, or how to approach a specific challenge, we'd be more than happy to help. Simply contact us using the link on the right and we'll be in touch.