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Quality Policy

Enabling Safer Embedded Systems

Every day, embedded systems are used to improve quality of life, such as an insulin pump, or save lives, such as in the deployment of an airbag in a vehicle. In order to ensure users do not come to harm when using such devices, iSYSTEM provides the engineers who design and build such products with the high-quality tools and services they need to guarantee software and hardware safety, security and reliability. iSYSTEM will consistently provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers and will continuously improve its products, services and processes to ensure customer satisfaction.


Quality objectives

Enabling safer embedded systems by

  • Internal and external knowledge transfer
  • Identifying our customer’s as well as market requirements
  • Delivering deeply tested products
  • Fast support of new devices
  • Satisfied customers and motivated employees
  • Production and delivery in time
  • Using secure information systems, to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information


Why we do it?
  • We believe that technology is already dominating our life
  • We believe that the Automotive Mega-Trends will have a major impact to our life
  • And we believe that engineers developing such technology should do it right!


How we do it?
  • This is why we have employees that do understand this technology and their possible impact already today
  • This is why we take risk to learn from the early adapters in this industry
  • This is why iSYSTEM is taking care of enabling engineers to develop safer embedded systems. To do it right!


What we do?
  • We provide tools and professional services to support engineers to do it right!